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What are the parts of a garage door?

There are many parts of a garage door depending on its type. Our specialists point out the major parts of a modern garage door that include motor, springs, carriage, rollers, hinges, lock, panels, and emergency release. Older garage doors have fewer and simpler parts, but still functional.

How often should I clean my garage door?

Cleaning a garage door may take as often as needed, especially during the rainy season when mud and dirt can be collected by the exterior side of the door. However, this may be very inconvenient for busy people. Take the time to clean it during the weekends when you have spare time.

Are there benefits in choosing steel over wood as the main material for your garage door?

There are a number of advantages in having steel over wood as the material for your garage door panel and frame. One of the main advantages is the low maintenance nature of steel. Steel is also more durable than wood and does not expand and contract with temperature changes.

Can a faulty circuit board be the reason for clicking sounds?

Many may not consider the circuit board of the door opener as the possible cause for clicking sounds when a door is opened or closed. However, there are instances when this is the case. It may happen in remote controlled or automatic garage doors wherein the door operator erratically responds. It can be a temporary or permanent circuit damage.

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